buskers provide the background music of our streets and more to our towns, they are the ones who make the experience of going out in the city centres and markets more enjoyable, entertaining and social. they add meaning to our towns through music, and even make our streets safer through their presence, however many people take them for granted. as urbanites living in the capitalist mode of production of social life, we are emotionally indifferent to people around us. buskers are most of the time perceived of only as faces and sound, people pass by them as if lifeless statues on the streets, or as if it is their duty to play music for us, but they are real people just like the people that pass by them with a life other than what you see on the street. they have stories, worries and expectations. they are part of the bond making process between us and our surroundings, and they mediate the meaning we make of our environment. this film, focused on Jules Madjar, is concerned with understanding the experience of being a busker and what it means to them, which explores deeper than what is seen on the street level.